About Yoga

Yoga is a holistic practice that accompanies and enriches your journey in life in many wonderful ways. It supports you to walk through life physically healthy and with a balanced, content spirit. Yoga is always holistic and therefore tuned to the person as a whole. That is why in our yoga center we keep great importance to the connection between Body and Breath, and the practice of Awareness and Meditation. In our individualized approach we meet you exactly where you are right now. We take care of your needs, and resources. In this respect our yoga fits every age group as well as  different levels of physical flexibility. Yoga should give joy and help you experience the fullness of yourself and the gift of your life. In case you want to go deeper into yoga, or even become a yoga teacher, we offer special yoga teacher training courses. In these courses, besides the daily asana practice, we will extensively discuss the effects of each pose, and also practice pranayama, an ancient breathing technique. Furthermore we will learn about yoga philosophy and spirituality. In our yoga center we offer two styles of yoga, -Hatha Yoga -Iyengar Yoga Besides different practice poses, in Iyengar yoga we use props to facilitate our flexibility.